Where YOU fly model-kit airplanes from WWII

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Airfix Dogfighter is a 3rd person action game, where you fly model-kit airplanes from WWII. You will start from your base and be assigned missions around the house, where you will have to pick up several different objects to enhance your airplanes power of destruction. Some objects will enhance your technology level, which in its turn gives you better firepower, while some objects are bombs and special weapons.

There are three different camera angles to choose from, which will help you in gameplay. If you have been assigned the task to bomb a certain target, you might want to use the BombCam, which gives you a perfect view of your target as well as the destruction that follows. Airfix Dogfighter supports games in network or on the Internet. You can play up to eight players in dogfight  games.

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c-airfx AIRFIX-CD 10